SIM's approach


SIM's consultants make their best effort to know their client's business, understand the implications and impact of current project issues, to be able to respond to changing conditions and expectations. Because of this, SIM does not use a single methodology with all his clients. In a cooperative pursuit for effective results, we work with the client to set specific project goals and then determine the most cost-effective way to achieve them.

SIM's project managers consider effective and continuous communication with the clients a prime responsibility. We thus encourage the development of client relationships that give us the feedback and knowledge we need to shape our organization and our consulting capabilities to best help our clients reach their goals.


1 How can you use external consultants to ensure that your company is in a full compliance with all the EH&S regulations which affect your business?
2 How can you use compliance audits to get more cost-effectiveness in finding opportunities to further reduce long-term compliance costs and increase productivity?
3 How can you be assured that your environmental management is minimizing liability exposure and appropriating on the most important issues?

SIM's compliance auditing process provides answers

We can show you haw proactive compliance auditing can result in improved risk management, morale, and profitability within organization.

SIM goes beyond the traditional approach of supplementing your staff with annual or ongoing assistance in complying with environmental regulations. Our teams have developed a unique process and leadership skills to use compliance audits to solve environment-related business problems for many clients.

Consequently, we recommend ways to reduce costs and liability exposure even more while increasing productivity at the same time.


SIM's approach